Text-To-Speech Tips

When using the text-to-speech feature of the NAO Robot, it is important to remember that the robot will phonetically speak what is typed.  Because of this, many words should be spelled phonetically in order to produce the desired speech from the robot.  Sometimes multiple spellings are tried in order to find the most natural sounding pronunciation of a word.  The robot will pause at periods and commas but will not recognize question marks or exclamation marks.  The following chart includes a few example words and spellings that have worked with the robot.  An example sentence is included below the chart.

Desired Word

Spelling for Robot

hey hay
are arr
thanks thaynks
good gud
girl gurl
today tudae

Example Sentence:

To make the robot say “Hey Michael!  How are you today?” you might type “hay mykuhl, how arr you tudae”