Glossary of Common Terms

Below are some common terms associated with the NAO-Base and their definitions:

ASL Movements - movements using variations of American Sign Language

Choregraphe - software program produced by Aldeberan Robotics used to create robot movements

.crg - file format for Choregraphe movements

Domer - computer program developed at the University of Notre Dame to control the robot during therapy sessions

End Pose - neutral starting and ending pose of each robot behavior developed in order to achieve smooth transitions between behaviors

Generic Movements - simple head and arm movements often used in conjunction with the text-to-speech feature in order to make the robot appear more lifelike

Movements With Sound - .crg files containing physical movement along with speech, music, or other sounds

Movements Without Sound - .crg files containing only physical movement

NAO - robot manufactured by Aldebaran used for therapy sessions by the University of Notre Dame FUN Lab and Center for Children and Families

Positive Reinforcement - robotic behavior used to congratulate the child on performing a task correctly or to reinforce goals

Redirect - robot behavior aimed at redirecting the child when he/she gets off topic

Specialty Movements - .crg files with complex or specialized movements

Wizard - term for the person controlling the robot from a control room during therapy sessions