F.U.N. Lab in the News

F.U.N Lab in the news:

Congradulations to everyone at the F.U.N. Lab! The Robot Study was one of six research studies that was highlighted at the International Meeting for Autism Research. Click on the following links to see who is talking about Kelly the Robot.

The Wall Street Journal

Medline Plus

Autism Speaks

ABC Radio

Autism Spectrum News



The Robot Study was recently featured on PBS Newshour! Click here to see the video and transcript.

Click here to watch an interview with Dr. Diehl at the Rockland Autism Symposium.

Our research on the therapeutic use of interactive robots was featured on NBC at the halftime of the 2010 Notre Dame - Purdue football game. Click here to watch the video!

Also, check out Notre Dame's feature on the intervention study and the accompanying article.

Here is a short interview Dr. Diehl gave to WICU in Erie, PA, about the use of robots in therapy for children with autism.

Here is the Harlem Shake Video that recently appeared on the Logan Center Website.

The F.U.N. Lab would like everyone to pledge not to use the R-word. Please support these efforts by watching this link and spreading the word.

Here is publicity we recived as part of our participation in Notre Dame Robotics week.

When he is not researching autism, Dr. Diehl can be found running out in traffic to save a turkey's life.  Click here to see the local news story about it.