Juhi Kaboski, Ph.D.


Research Assistant Professor, Notre Dame Dept. of Psychology
Director, F.U.N Lab


Juhi Kaboski is a research assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame. Her primary research interest lies in discovering and disentangeling the many factors that may lead to optimal outcome in children with ASD. Her current research projects involve long term outcomes of children with twice exceptionality (i.e., co-existing ASD and giftedness), co-morbidities in ASD (e.g., ADHD, anxiety disorder), and support services for college students with ASD.  Her research is often inspired by her two children with ASD and her previous employment experience with adults with developmental disabilities.  Currently she teaches Research Lab in Autism Spectrum Disorders at the University of Notre Dame


Joshua John Diehl, Ph.D.


Adjunct Assistant Professor, Notre Dame Dept. of Psychology
Associate Editor, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorder
Associate Director, F.U.N Lab


Dr. Diehl specializes in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other neurodeveopmental disorders. His research is interdisciplinary in nature, and has been published in scientific journals in several fields, including Cognition, Brain and Language, Language Speech and Hearing Services in Schools, the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, and Applied Psycholinguistics. Dr. Diehl is currently an Associate Editor of the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. He is trained as a Clinical Psychologist and has clinical expertise in the assesment and treatment of developmental disabilities. Currently, Dr. Diehl teaches Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Childhood Disorders and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, Introduction to Psychology, Research Lab in Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Research Lab on Reading Disorders at the University of Notre Dame.


Heidi Miller, B.S.W.


Lab Manager, F.U.N. Lab


Heidi Miller is a Social Worker who has worked in the South Bend and surrounding communities for several years. She has worked with parents and children on various topics, including health, nutrition, child development, discipline, reading readiness and play. Her experience also includes working with many community organizations and helping families recieve needed services. Heidi is the parent of two beautiful children, including one with ASD. Her own personal experience with ASD makes her very passionate about working with families at the F.U.N. Lab.



Karen Tang, M.A.

Graduate Student, F.U.N. Lab


Karen Tang is a graduate student in Clinical Psychology at the University of Notre Dame who studies the broader family issues for families who have a child in the autism spectrum. Previous to joining the F.U.N. Lab, Karen was a staff research associate and a project coordinator for several major studies on autism spectrum disorders at the renowned M.I.N.D. Institute at UC Davis. In her young career, Karen already has multiple publications in major journals such as the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

Our Research Team

  • Jillian Belmonte, Research Assistant
  • Colleen Cavanagh, Research Assistant
  • Liz DeLucia, Research Assistant
  • Andrew Flatley, Research Assistant
  • Jennifer Georgeson, Research Assistant
  • Natalie Hartman, Research Assistant
  • Kailey Kawalec, Research Assistant
  • Dylan Klee, Research Assistant
  • Scott Klein, Research Assistant
  • Michael Prough, Research Assistant
  • Greg Ramos, Research Assistant
  • Jacqi Riemersma, Research Assistant
  • Laura Simon, Research Assistant
  • Megan Sullivan, Research Assistant
  • Claire Troia, Research Assistant
  • Haley VanSteenwyk, Research Assistant

Emeritus F.U.N. Labradors

  • Susan Bowyer, former F.U.N. Lab Volunteer
  • Lauren Berkovits, Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology, University of California - Los Angeles
  • Jane Beriont, Medical Assistant, HeartVeinNYC
  • Erin Bolte, Research Assistant, University of Guelph
  • Hannah Burke, Graduate Student in Occupation Therapy, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Grace Connolly, Graduate Student in Speech and Language Pathology/Communication Disorders, Emerson College
  • Tara Crown, Medical Student, New York Medical College
  • Alyssa Dammann, Graduate Student in Physical Therapy, Northwestern
  • Mary Deweese, Teacher, Urban Teacher Center, Washington D.C.
  • Katie Dipiero, AMATE House in Chicago
  • Casey Dolezal, Special Education Teacher, New England Center for Children
  • Jenelee Doom, Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology, University of Minnesota
  • Paddy Driscoll, former F.U.N. Lab Volunteer
  • Zach Dubois, Musician, Songwriter
  • Jack Flores, Medical Student, University of Texas Health Science Center
  • Tommy Freeman, Medical Student, Vanderblit University Medical School
  • Cecelia Gatto, Graduate Student in Audiology, Northern Illinois University
  • Brynne Gerstle, Student, University of Louisville
  • Teresa Gorman Bippus, soon-to-be Mother of the first FUN Lab legacy, Chicago
  • Sarah Hale, Medical Student, Loyola University
  • Kim Holden, Graduate Student in Audiology, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • Elizabeth Klinepeter, Graduate Student in School Psychology, University of Florida
  • Kelley Knoch, Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology, University of Connecticut
  • Jessica Kumar, Medical Student, New York Medical College
  • Debra Loprete, Teacher, The Autism Academy of Learning
  • Lorianna Malito, Graduate Student in Occupational Therapy, Washington University
  • Shawn Matthews, Medical Student, University of Nevada
  • Stephany Mazur, Medical Student, Georgetown University
  • Whitney McWherter, Graduate Student in Occupational Therapy, Boston University
  • Margaret Millea, Neurophysiologist, NeuroFocus
  • Joshua Noffsinger, Case Manager, Gilead Community Services
  • Piper Nunez, Graduate Student in Social Work, Columbia University
  • Jamon Pulliam, Undergraduate Student, Tuskegee University
  • Kelsey Repine, Ski Instructor for children with developmental disabilities, Denver
  • Beck Roan, lost somewhere in the mountains of Albania
  • Allison Rezepcynski, Medical Student, Loyola Strich School of Medicine
  • Kelly Ryan, Research Specialist, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Lauren Schmitt, Clinical Data Specialist, Department of Psychiatry, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • Nicole Shea, Graduate Student in School Psychology, Syracuse University
  • Brynn Thomas, Research Assistant, Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Laboratory, Northwestern University
  • Taylor Thomas, Graduate Student in Developmental Psychology, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  • Kristen Uhland, Staff, The Center for Enriched Living
  • Megan Van Ness, Graduate Student in Social Work, Boston College
  • John Vernon, Graduate Student in the ESTEEM Program, University of Notre Dame
  • Greg Witkin, Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology, Gallaudet University
  • Julia Watson, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Michelle Won

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