Current Projects


College Students on the Spectrum

College Students on the Spectrum is currently recruiting adults  on the autism spectrum that are currently attending or have attended in the past a four-year college or university.   We are looking for ways to better support those with ASD in achieving their goal of completing a bachelor’s degree in their chosen field.   Participants do not need to have finished a degree, only to have attended a four-year college or university for at least 1 semester.  Participants will earn $50 for their time and effort by participating in this focus group.   If you or someone you know qualifies for this study and you are interested in participating, please let us know by emailing

Building Resilience through Emotion and Memory

The Shaw Center at the University of Notre Dame invites you to participate! We are looking for children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) between ages 4 – 6 to participate with their mother in our project!  We’d like to know more about how young children remember and how parents and kids talk about the past.   You will be asked to participate in 2 visits (1.5 -2 hours each) at the Shaw Center for Children and Families at Notre Dame. The sessions will involve talking, playing and reading a book together, some questionaires and activities for your child that are designed to be fun and engaging.  Your family can earn up to $50 in Target gift cards and 2 books or toys for your child..  We welcome your questions!  If you are interested in more information, or in signing up for the study, contact Christina McDonnell at 574-631-0943 or email at

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***If you do not qualify for any of these studies, but are still interested in participating in future research, feel free to contact us at We will put you in our database and contact you with future studies that might interest you.